L’Atalante (1934) dir. by Jean vigo

On the set of Birdman (2014)

photography by Brigitte Lacombe

Clue (1985), Jonathan Lynn

“There is a certain laziness associated with film-going that must be guarded against: the notion that it only exists to fill up the empty moments of a day, like a kind of gratification requiring scarcely any co-operation on our part. But if we regard cinema as an art, then we need to be convinced that watching a film is a sort of activity not unlike reading a book.”
— Alain Badiou (via communicants)


Happy 132nd Birthday, Béla Lugosi. (20 October 1882─16 August 1956)

You chilled us to the bone. Your legacy will never die. 


Filmmaker Steve McQueen returns to his fine art beginnings with an exhibition and his first new film since “12 Years A Slave”.

Made using reworked Super-8 footage of a young boy in Grenada shot by Dutch cinematographer Robby Miller. The previously unused footage was made during a trip McQueen made to Grenada in 2001. There, McQueen came across the young man we briefly come to know in the film “Ashes”, the name the of film’s protagonist.

Recognizing a quality in him that translated beautifully onto the screen, McQueen had wanted to cast Ashes in the project he was working on there but was unable to do so. Instead, he asked Miller to take footage of the young man.When McQueen returned to the island in 2009, he learned of Ashes’ murder. Shaken by this, McQueen’s latest short film and exhibition are an intimate ode to the effervescence of youth and the tragic death of a young man that embodied this vivacity so well.

Steve McQueen: Ashes is currently on view at the Thomas Dane Gallery, London until 15th November.